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Joey Seson

Area served- Honolulu, Aiea, Hawaii

Joey Seson is a friendly and experienced board certified nurse practitioner, having been involved in ICU, PACU, OR, SDS and other various areas of nursing for 16 years. He has additionally been in the field of aesthetics for 8 years and has had the pleasure to perform cosmetic injectables for the past 6 years. Joey possesses a Master in Science degree in Nursing and a Masters degree of Business Administration focused on Healthcare Management/Entrepreneurship—an impressive combination!  


As a great asset to the profession of aesthetics,  Joey has earned his certification as a Medical Laser Safety Officer and possesses  years of knowledge of different types of Lasers, Light, RF and Micro-Needling amongst multiple injectable certifications from ongoing trainings/ in services. Joey is a National trainer for Revance aesthetics.  


Ky Le

Area served- Aiea, Kauai


Here at Impeccable Aesthetics, we're committed to delivering quality, cost-efficient treatments that help you look and feel your best. With the help of Joey and our collaborating aesthetic professionals, you can get the desired results without undergoing unnecessary treatments. We aim to be your advocates and always have your best interests at heart. Our goal is to ensure the safety, satisfaction, and results for our patients.

These three key principles are vital for building trust and cultivating strong relationships with our clientele! 

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